How to Quit Smoking? How to quit from cigarettes nicotine addiction?

if you’ve decided to quit smoking then no one can stop you. there has been lot of chaos when you decides to quit from the habit that is with you and associated with your brain chemicals since long time. remember, if its easy then everyone can do that. its hard. quitting from the bad or good habits and settle your mind from old to new beginnings is hard. these smokes and nicotines made enough comfortables and dopamine in your brain and body already. it requires a lot of ‘FORCE’ deal with it.

smoking isn’t just a bad habit it is an addiction.  Smokers smoke because they believe it is doing something for them. For some it relieves stress and anxiety, for others, it boosts social confidence. But what if smoking really isn’t doing anything for you. What if the reason smokers continue to smoke are the very things that smoking profoundly worsens most people smoke to calm the nerves or to relieve tension and stress. when you take that puff your heart rate actually goes up and it puts your brain into a panicky State activating the amygdala the fear center of the brain. Smoking actually feeds anxiety stress and irritability it doesn’t cure it at all.

The emotional payoff of smoking right now is always greater than the perceived negative consequences in the future. Just like any other addiction smoking spikes chemicals in the brain the main chemical spike from nicotine is dopamine. Dopamine is not just the feel-good chemical of the brain but also the key neurotransmitter in memory and motivation. Smokers build a life around their perceived world of smoking. it becomes a part of them. just as eating and sleeping but the perceptions of the smoker have about smoking is false and based on false perceptions.

how to quit smoking fast and easy? Easy ways to quit nicotine addiction

either we have the pain of regret or we have the pain of discipline. when smoker or any tobacco consumer starts using to consume nicotine, they are surrounded by the high amount of dopamine and other pleasurement chemicals. that’s the main reason why human and other animals once consume the nicotine are highly addicted. but as I wrote earlier, there will be regret if you don’t feel the pain of discipline.

The main reason why people ignores the pain of discipline is it demands in present. wherealse pain of regret always depends on future but only certain time. one puff won’t affect your breathing immidiately but one day it will definitely.

here are the quick and easy tips to quit smoking and never touched it back.

Decide on Your Reasons for Quitting Smoking

quit smoking tips

For me, there were so many obvious reasons for my health, the financial cost of smoking, the fact it stinks… and these are similar for everyone. The deciding reason for me quitting smoking comes down to my children.

About 2 months before I quit smoking my daughter came to me (with a very proud) look on her face and told me she is going to grow big like me, wear my clothes, become a mommy and smoke. I felt so ashamed and so sad that moment. She wanted to be just like me. A smoker. This is what she looked up to. She was 3 years old at this time.

This was the exact moment I realized my smoking days were coming to a close.

3 Weeks later my daughter asked me to play a game with her. I told her yes, no problem, just give me 5 minutes. She then looked at me and said: “Oh are you going for a smoke first?”. There was no accusation or unhappiness in her question at all…. but it suddenly hit me that I put smoking above everything in my life. Even my children. What am I saying to my child by my behavior when I have to have a smoke before I do anything with her? It says loud and clear that smoking is more important than her.

This was the exact moment I decided I would be quitting.

So my now 4-year-old daughter and my 2-year-old son are my reasons for quitting smoking. I want them to have their mommy put them first at all times. And if they do come second at times, I don’t want it to be because of cigarettes! I don’t want my children to smoke and if they do, let it be because they choose to smoke, not because they are copying their mother.

Set A Quit Date

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Whenever you decide to do something in life, you should always starts with the initial date or its call the born date. note down the day and the date of your first step against the gigantic habit that you have created since long time. you need to be sure when you’ll strike against your deamons. you need some force to quit from smoking. that’s the reason why planning with perfection is needed. most of the fells don’t know the psychological power behind these little things are too heavy to lift any burdens. remember, this war is not easy and you are not too weak.

Tell People

Share with your friends and family that you are going to quit, tell them the date. The fact that I wrote a post about it on my website and then shared it on social media made it really hard for me to back out of my date to quit smoking!

No Nicotine Replacement or Cutting Down Before Hand

Until the day you quit smoke as much as you want, in fact, smoke more! How addiction works is that unless you are physically consuming the thing you are addicted to, you are actually in the process of craving it. So to cut down is really just torturing yourself before you quit. Rather smoke, enjoy your cigarettes and mentally prepare yourself for the date you have set to quit.

The same goes for nicotine replacement. What is the point of quitting smoking and then giving yourself a little hit of the thing you are addicted to in another form? You will make it harder for yourself, in the long run, I promise you this! So forget the patches, leave the gum and the vapes!

It really is a case of all or nothing here. Smoke or don’t smoke.

Change Your Mindset

quit smoking mind set

This is a big one and hopefully, this will come about when you read Allen Carr’s book. Smoking is a trap, there is no way out unless you quit. You are chained to your cigarettes. Quitting smoking is not a loss for you, it is a gain.

The sooner you come to see this and hold onto this the better. Even though you may understand it logically, when you quit smoking it is not so easy to keep the positive mindset that you are free.

Don’t think “I can’t smoke, I mustn’t smoke”.

Think “I choose not to smoke”.

Do Anything BUT Smoke, Be Kind To Yourself

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This addiction is strong. I told myself as long as I didn’t smoke (or drink/ take drugs) it was fine. Bring on the coffee, chips, Coke (cola not cocaine), sweets, cake…

And boy did I munch! I am now left with a sugar and caffeine addiction that I will be addressing soon, so watch out for that.

One Day/ Minute/ Moment at a Time

Stay in the moment, don’t think about the fact you will (hopefully) never smoke again. This will fill you with terror. Just decide that for the next 5 minutes you won’t smoke.

This is what I did. I told myself to have a cup of coffee and if I still want to smoke I can drive to the shop and get some cigarettes. When the coffee was finished I told myself I am going to go for a walk on the beach and if I really want to smoke I can do it after my walk. Keep busy and just get to another point each time.

This truly works wonders.

 One Puff is all it takes…

One puff of a cigarette and you will be smoking like a chimney again! Please trust me on this because it will happen. If you start thinking you can smoke the odd cigarette or have a puff of one now and then you are mistaken.

I still sometimes want to smoke and the thought of never smoking again (or drinking or taking drugs) fills me with fear and terror. I tell myself every day that I can smoke, I can drink and I can take drugs… but if I do I will be back where I started. I can one day do that, it just won’t be today.

Just for today I will not smoke, drink or use drugs.

I hope you have found these steps how to quit smoking helpful. I hope this will help you quit smoking and keep you a non-smoker. If you have any questions or just want to chat please leave a comment.

easiest way to quit smoking

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