Vitamin C is The Best To prevent Nicotine Accumulation and quit smoking addiction

Whenever you craving for smoke or dip the chewing tobacco, just drink one cup of lemon juice to prevent nicotine accumulation. study and my personal experience show whenever brain receptors that are sensitive to nicotine demand for more nicotine or tobacco consumption, the patient should consume or drink Vita-C to prevent Nicotine Accumulation.


vitamin c and nicotine withdrawal

when you decided to quit from nicotine consumption. you’ll definitely suffer nicotine withdrawal and nicotine cravings.

Because every smoker and chewing tobacco consumers have trained brain receptors to demand the deadliest drug nicotine.

The consumption of nicotine is unhealthy and we all know what it can do to our body. But what is mostly avoided and unaware fact of nicotine consumption is “the process of nicotine accumulation”

It is proven that by Urine nicotine tests nicotine can be found in the body or our system even after twenty days of consumption, a little shorter in blood tests. Though it depends on how much consumption do you make during a day. Normally it takes 3-4 days to flush out nicotine through your body. Imagine how much quantity of a nicotine is taken by a chain smoker, definitely somewhat enough to kill you.

Nicotine can harm our nervous system, lungs and what not. So, the best way to avoid all the problems is to stop consuming nicotine. If you can’t do it immediately, start doing it slowly.

In the process of leaving nicotine and flushing it out from your body, the thing that helps you the most is consumption of natural source of vitamins. Every vitamin is useful for our body in making it healthy.

But some vitamins are even more helpful in preventing a lot of diseases and even curing it. One of the vitamins which help you stop nicotine accumulation in your body is “Vitamin C”.

The best way to avoid nicotine accumulation or to flush it out from your body is eating fruits, vegetables and doing all the natural activities that help you gaining vitamin C because vitamin C is the main source of anti-oxidants that helps to generate other anti-oxidants in the body. It also helps to slow down the process of generation of cancer cells.


Let’s discuss a few ways that can help you reducing nicotine accumulation in your body through Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is the easiest way to quit smoking

  • Oranges – A large amount of Vitamin C is there in oranges. It helps the lungs in transporting blood effectively throughout the body. It contains cryptoxanthin that reduces the risk of lung cancer. It also provides the support system for respiratory distress. Oranges boost our metabolism. So, orange is not just a color. Grab it!!

  • Broccoli and Pine needle tea also helps to restore Vitamin C structure in the human body. Broccoli in Its Natural form is even more helpful. Pine tea is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and flavonoids.

Grapes: Grapes is one of the best way to quit smoking as it has full source of vitamin-c and rich anti-oxidents which helps you to prevent form nicotine accumulation as well as cravings of nicotine withdrawal. one shot of raw grape juice can prevent the cravings of smoking and nicotine withdrawal anaxiaty.

Kiwi: Kiwi is one of the best fruit you can ever find in the earth that has not only cancer preventing properties but it can help also in curing bad cancer cells. study shows that kiwi helps to heal oral cancer lumb in month as well as reducing tumor in lungs. i would suggest that people should consume 1 kiwi/week atleast to prevent deadly diseases and cancer. kiwi has the most richest source of vitamin C and it really helps to quit smoking easily by consuming fruit only.

  • Nicotine can damage your skin. That is why one should start eating carrots or drinking carrot juice because it is the main source of Vitamin A, K, C and B. It helps you removing nicotine from your body.

Scientific reports found that Vitamin C can reduce the risk of Lung Cancer in your body. Through a lot of scientific tests and inventions in various Foreign Universities, it is found that Nicotine consumption is definitely unhealthy but becoming careless about its accumulation is even more dangerous if not taken care of. That is why   Vitamin C is so much emphasized when it comes to Prevention of Nicotine Accumulation. Every vitamin is useful but A very few can be so important.

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